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From Broken to Bossed Up

I could sit here and transcribe a ‘my life’ sob story. But I won’t.

I will keep it brief and get to the part where I finally had the courage to Boss Up.

The short version…

I was raised by my grandmother. Struggled with depression from as early as I can remember. Got pregnant at 15. Dropped out of school in 9th grade. Had my son at 16. Got my GED. Enrolled in college. Dropped out after my first semester. Had another son at 19. Had a daughter at 20. Got married at 22. Of course, there is a back story to all of these “situations” and struggles throughout those years…but, let’s jump to 2014.

That was the year I became a single mom of seven kids (six of them were still minors at home with me).

Behind on ev-er-ry single bill, with NO income (I had shut down my VA business 3 months prior to rediscover my true passions), I had to figure out what I was going to do…all while having to “act normal” in front of my kids, as I was having a mental and emotional breakdown. I spent 3 days on my bathroom floor, contemplating the simplest way to end my life.

But, I couldn’t because all I kept thinking about was the trauma I would have left my children. I experienced that as a child and didn’t want to put that kind of pain on my kids. The only solution I could think of was to get off the floor, face my responsibilities, and start dealing with the mess of a situation I was left in.

The hardest part was having to ask for help from the very people who are the ones who couldn’t wait to say “I told you”. Having to explain what happened and justify myself was humiliating to say the least. However, I had to accept my part, and the decisions I made (and didn’t make), that got me where I was.

It was a true WAKE UP call for me.

I struggled for 5 months to get on my feet. I relaunched my Virtual Assisting services just to bring in some money. This was the time I began discovering ME, with no distractions. It was hard…but, even though I couldn’t see it yet…I was on my come up.

I fought my emotions almost daily. I was depressed, but also in survival mode. So, I had to do what I had to do to stay strong. In July of that year, my life changed. I was turning 36 but physically, I was feeling like a 70 year old woman. Of course, I attributed it all to the stress I was dealing with.

A week before my birthday, a Facebook friend messaged me to tell me about a business opportunity she recently started. She knew my history of being an entrepreneur, and told me I could make some good money. Naturally, I was intrigued. Though I was a little hesitant, I felt this was a sign.

So, my friend gave me some information and I did my research. I was impressed by what I was seeing. I wanted to join her, but didn’t have the extra money at the time. It took me a few more days to make my decision. Two days after my birthday, I borrowed the money from my grandmother to get started, and entered the home based industry…once again.

The Home Based Industry Changed My Life

Because of this industry, I have been able stay at home and raise my kids, get out of debt, and be in a position to provide for my children and household. My passion is to help other women and moms who have the same desire…to build a legacy of wealth for themselves and their families.

I want to show you how to go from Broken to Bossed Up

What does that mean? 

I’m here to support you as you take ownership of your life and begin to confidently shift your energy and focus toward achieving your goals and dreams! 

We are a growing circle of women and moms who have made a decision to boss up. We have committed to doing something for ourselves, that will give ourselves a better foundation and life. We know that being our own BOSS is the only way to come up and create the life we not only desire, but deserve. 

This is an invitation for you to join us, and be a part of our Inner Circle.

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Tamyka Washington
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